My internal radars go off when I am sent news articles on healthy eating that have nothing to do with me. On Social Media, I’ve done my best to try to adjust the flow of promotions and articles having to do with weight loss by going low carb, low gluten, or fasting. It might work for others, but these are not for me. 

I go off on a rant. Then I hit the laptop and keep working on my book.

Yet I admit that every so often, I see something that is so all-sorts-of-wrong, I can’t contain my response to something I wrestle with internally. I have to go off on a rant.  And so, I do. I go off on a rant, and then I hit the laptop and keep working on my book, a chapter at a time. 

I’m working on Chapter 12, and now there are only three more chapters to go before I am done with my rough draft for the book, Making Food Fun Again. I’m caught with this thought that I never want to write something that sounds like I know exactly what you should eat, especially since everyone is so different, and more obviously because I’m not writing from a place of being a nutritionist or an dietician.

And now, I find myself sensitive. Just like I imagine my future readers to be. Sensitive, moody, and eager for hope. I’m writing as fast as I can. 

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