Time to Write

I started writing again.

Really. After a long hiatus away from trying to write a book, I sat at my desk (my official writing space that screams, “This is where you write”) and wrote for thirty minutes.

It’s the tyranny of the Shitty First Draft. Anne Lamott writes about the Shitty First Draft in the book, “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life), and everything in me resonates with her words.

First, I want to delete everything I wrote. It sucks. Worse, it doesn’t sound like me. I tried to sound authoritative, educated, formal. I’m scared I’ll sound unintelligent, or worse, that I’ll come off not only as unclever, but as a dick.

Yes, I too, encounter Resistance in the form of Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism. And yes, I quote Steven Pressfield’s chapter in, “The War of Art”: Resistance is Bullshit

The funny thing is, that short writing session was probably good start. Why? Because at least I’m writing. Just before then, I wasn’t writing anything but blog posts and Social Media posts. Writing a book was an idea up until the second that I typed, “Introduction”.

Yet, I wasn’t thinking about my main goal, the one that I share with Dr. Michelle Mazur — “Communication changes the world.” I had lost connection with that all-important premise to my writing. I’m so grateful that she wrote about how she reconnected with her own three-word rebellion. I am in need of doing the same.

It is like a Mission Statement.

Really, what I want to do is change the world with what I write about making food fun again, eating real food that is full of yum and devoid of yuck. And I really don’t think anyone will want to read a book that is full of unnecessary jibberish and too many stats and stiffly formal words spoken in an academic voice. And I haven’t even gotten to the phase of killing my little darlings.

I am hungry to write. And I am surrounded by people who can look well fed, but are starving for real food. My writing will be unpacking the behavioral keys that unlock our “why” behind that chosen starvation (especially IF it has little to do with food instability, geolocation, and/or income).

And… write. Shitty First Draft, come what may.

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